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  music and code

  see you at home1, the band I'm in, is
  releasing their first single in several
  years this friday (2nd july), and it's
  going to be a lot of fun to finally
  have this song we've been working on
  for a long time out there in the wild.

  it's made me also think about my
  relationships with creating music as a
  whole, as well as my relationship with
  writing code - and how they scratch
  similar itches.

  it's easy to think of writing code as
  a "non-creative" task, but as spending
  five minutes on stackoverflow will
  tell you, there are plenty of
  (hypothetical) "right" and "wrong" ways
  to write more or less any code. there
  are parallels to this with music, to
  an extent - in that there are general
  "rules" for how things are meant to
  be done (both in the form of genres,
  and general gatekeep-ery from fans
  and other musicians).

  on a personal level, both of these
  tasks require you to work creatively
  within the confines of what you're
  working on - and for me, it's great!
  it allows me to get into the sought
  after "flow state", where I'm happy
  to lose endless hours in pursuit of
  an end result.


  [1] see you at home | Bandcamp